• Sarah appears on Insight Germany
  • Who would have thought... French Horn duo creating a pre-school dance party!

  • Sarah plays horn for the Elephants of Berlin!

  • Waltzing Matilda through Sarah´s Google Glass!

  • Welcome to my website!

  • Sarah is blown away in the Digital Concert Hall

  • Sarah appears on Dickes B - a German talk show.

Latest News

LOVED the Berlin Phil Live Lounge live from Baden Baden! So many people joined in from all over the world, it was just awesome. The video will be available here, keep an eye out for it if you missed it live!

We had a fantastic live Hangout with the legendary Julie Landsman, ex principal horn of the Metropolitan Opera in New York and a much sought-after teacher and mentor. It´s up now on the  video page,  let us know on the web chat on the  Live Page what you thought of it and if your Aura is fluffed….you´ll see what we mean when you see the Hangout!

If you missed Zoltan Kiss, the incredible daredevil trombone player from Mnozil Brass live on the Horn Hangouts, you can see his Hangout up NOW on the  video page. Zoltan played live for us, talked about his career with Mnozil and as a soloist and also introduced his new Kissbone X and  mouthpiece collection. It was great!

Fight, flight or freeze? We all know that feeling onstage… that´s why our most recent live Hangout was with Dinka Migic-Vlatkovic, mental coach and stage fright therapist (and yes, wife of Radovan!) She joined us for the second time to share her tips for tackling stage fright. Thanks Dinka, you were so inspiring and we loved that so many people joined in with their comments and questions on the live web chat!

Sarah´s adventures with Google Glass are continuing, check out her Glog for the latest news, including a hedgehog rescue- you have to see it to believe it!